Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 - Update

I think the reason behind Olivia's nighttime wakings is a major growth spurt. It took her two months to go from 15 lbs to 16 lbs and now she is over 17 lbs! I picked her up this morning and I just knew she had gotten bigger. She still woke up a few times last night, but it wasn't as bad as the night before. I just don't function well without sleep. . .that is one of my main failings. Last night after Ryan got home, I was exhausted and just started crying. Olivia, however, thought that mommy crying was hilarious and started laughing. It didn't take me too long to start laughing as well. So. . .laughing at someone while their crying does brighten their spirits, although I wouldn't go around trying it. I think babies are the only ones that can pull that off. :)

I also heard of an amazing study today on the news. The incidence of SIDS was reduced by 72% by simply placing a fan in a baby's room. The increased air flow is supposed to be beneficial. SIDS is something that I always worried about because 1) we've watched Olivia quit breathing too many times to count and 2)she loves to sleep on her tummy. We do, however, have an Austin Air Baby's Breath air purifier that my parents bought us to prepare for Olivia's homecoming. It seems to move air and cool off her room even better than a fan. It's pricey, but I did a lot of research on them and they seem to be one of the best. Now I'm really glad that we've had that.

I also wanted to ask if anyone knew of any good pumpkin patches in our area. Ryan is taking a vacation day on Friday and one of the things that we wanted to do together is go to a pumpkin patch. So many of them seem geared towards large groups and have tours, snacks and hayrack rides, etc. We just want to go to a big field, pick out pumpkins and take pictures. . .nothing fancy. Any ideas would be great!

I know. . .I don't have any pictures to share today. I promise to take some tomorrow. Who knows. . .she may be 18 lbs by then. Okay, I posted a picture from yesterday.


The Life of an Eight Year Olds Moms said...

Hey Jodi,
I took Savannah to the Klausmeyer Dairy farm and Pumpkin patch. Its a real small scale. They have a little petting zoo, and a pumpkin patch. It was fun. You can also try and type in Kansas. Hope this helps you!!!

Kerry said...

I found a good use for my color printer at work. I usually just print all my stuff using just the black. Yesterday I printed off a picture of Olivia with Jimmy, and it's adorable!! I have it on my bulletin board in my office.

Have fun picking out the perfect pumpkin! Are you going to let Olivia scoop out the goop?

And how about that. Over 17 pounds? What a big girl. But seriously. How does a baby stay up ALL NIGHT? I thought they were supposed to get like 18 hours of sleep or something. :-)

Enjoy your weekend guys. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

When I was working at the CDC, the one we went to was on 119th St. If you go south on 119th from Kellogg, you will run into after a couple of miles. I can't remember the name of it, but they have a little zoo, a playground, a hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch and each of you will get a pumpkin & 2 gourds.