Sunday, November 2, 2008

Interesting Facts. . .

In my apartment, I took care of about 10 stray cats. Some of their names were Smudge, Mama, Mean Mama, Gray-nose, Gray kitty, and my favorite. . .Caleb. I wanted to take him with me when we moved into our house. He was the most loving cat in the world!
For our wedding, Ryan had a Halloween groom's cake because of the way he proposed. I told him that he could as long as we could include an explanation about it in our wedding program.

In college, Ryan used to have an earring.

For a time in 2004. . .I was a blonde.

There was also a time when Ryan wore a bandana and. . .a necklace.

Okay, so I really need to take some more pictures of Olivia. I was organizing old pictures today and came across a few that I thought I would share. I promise that pictures of Olivia are coming soon!


Kerry said...

Ryan looks very smashing in his bandana and necklace! And I love your stray kitties' names. Especially "Smudge".

Jodi said...

Smudge was the ugliest cat I had ever seen. . .bless his heart.

Amanda said...

Your hair definately looks better brown :) I did the blonde thing too before.... actually, I did the "sun-in" and went ORANGE! Yeah, not smart.. there is a reason it says for blonder hair :) And Ryan looks so young!? I never knew you guys that long ago, so its neat to see old pics. Wait, I've never know you guys right now either:) Just on the computer :) Talk to you later! And Jacob said to tell "wivia" thanks for the card! That was so sweet to think of him!