Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008 - Update

I love my keys. Someday I'm sure mom and dad will show me what they go to.

I couldn't believe that Olivia sat and watched her entire Baby Signing Times DVD this afternoon. She sat in her rocking chair and was glued to it the whole time. Well, I guess I do the signs along with it, so she was glued to the TV, to me, to the TV. . .We hadn't watched it for many weeks.

Olivia met with her PT this morning and we received pretty good news. Of course, Olivia cries the entire time that we work with her. She wants nothing to do with crawling and only wants to stand and walk. Because her muscle tone is good, her PT thought she would do fine with a walker for limited amounts of time. Be sure to scroll down to October 28th and read the comments on what I call "The Great Walker Debate of 2008." Who would have thought that the topic would get that many comments? Of course, we want to encourage her to crawl, but we also don't want to hold her back. We need to provide opportunities where she can feel successful and walking is one of those things. And. . .you wouldn't believe how much she was grabbing things today. . .just incredible! She would pick up her keys, drop them, pick up her keys, drop them, etc. She also found the touch pad on my laptop. I was using my mouse and all of the sudden, my cursor would end up on the other side of the page.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that we started her on whole milk. At this time, we are only adding about an ounce of milk to each bottle and we'll gradually increase it. So far she's on day 3 and doing well.


Kim said...

Kaleb signed "more" for the first time this weekend. I knew that he knew how, he had just never done it. He would always do it with my hands not his. Now if I can get him to sign "please" we'll be in business. The rest of the kids signed "please" first. I might have to pick up a copy of the movie and see if Kaleb would like it.

Cristi said...

Wondering why you use the signing video. Please explain.
(and GO VOTE!)

Jodi said...

The Signing Videos help children communicate sooner. This is especially important for any type of special needs child, but good for any child. Here is a good link:

Kerry said...

"The Great Walker Debate of 2008" That's awesome.