Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday, October 6, 2008 - Update

Velcro schmelcro. . .I don't need this bib.

It is becoming difficult again to get Olivia to eat. If she had her way, she would take 2 bottles a day and live on macaroni and cheese. She has lost some weight (is now down to 16.7 lbs) because of it. Hopefully, it's just another phase and it will get better. It's like the more active she becomes, the less she wants to eat. . .shouldn't it be the other way around? She has also been running a slight temperature. With the temporal thermometers, they always run higher, so it's not considered a temp until 100.3 and she has been around 99.6 to 100. She's acting fine otherwise and didn't make a peep all night last night. I've just been keeping an eye on it and giving her Tylenol as needed.

I'm still struggling to deal with my health issues. Severe adrenal fatigue borders on Addison's disease. Left untreated, it can be life-threatening, so I'm trying to take everything as serious as I can. That means taking all of my medications/supplements, resting as much as possible, no caffeine (I'm on day 6 of no Pepsi or Excedrin) no refined sugars or white flour and as much organic food, protein and vegetables as possible. Apparently, my body is very sensitive to chemicals and preservatives in food. Any type of food allergy or sensitivity further taxes the adrenal glands, so I'm staying away from gluten and dairy. The dairy isn't that difficult because I'm not a huge milk or ice cream fan and I love almond milk, which is a good substitute. The gluten, though, oh, the gluten. . .that means no bread for me. I'm a huge bread person and I find every meal should have either a biscuit or a roll or a breadstick to be complete. And my mother-in-law makes some tasty homemade bread! I am also very concerned about long term hydrocortisone use as it can do some nasty things to you. If there is anyone with experience on any of this, I would love to hear from you.

Okay, enough about me. Ryan and I have a joke that whenever I write about him, me or the guinea pigs. . .we can almost hear the crickets chirping. I know, everyone just wants to hear about Olivia and rightly so. She is pretty amazing.


Kerry said...

As long as you include pictures of Olivia when you're talking about someone else I don't mind!

I know you're still trying to figure all this adrenal fatigue stuff out. I'm so glad you have Ryan to help you. Man, I was so tired yesterday morning and couldn't figure out why. Then I realized I left my coffee (if you can call it that will all the creamer and sweetener in it) in Andrew's office and hadn't had any caffeine yet! I can't imagine what it must be like for you to have to forego your Pepsi. Hang in there!

Danielle said...

no caffeine or refined sugars? YIKES! I'm glad that you have a supportive hubby that is there 100%, that has to help somewhat. I'm not a pop drinker so I don't know what its like to not be able to have one.

Olivia is so darling.....can't wait to see pictures of her and Madison together - too cute!

Risa said...

Hi Jodi, my name is Risa and I've been checking in on your blog from time to time - well ok every day, LOL. Olivia is such a cutie :) Regarding gluten, I can give you a few tips if you want to just email me so I don't bore the rest of your readers :) email is I don't eat gluten either and I've picked up some tasty substitute tips along the way.

Big Boy, Baby Girl, and a Precious Pug said...

Ella and Olivia are so similiar it's scary! Ella is going through an "I only want bottles" phase right now.

And the bibs? Those come off instantly at our house also!

No caffeine either? Yikes! I will make sure to drink extra just for you:)

Kim said...

So that probably means that you can't eat the banana bread that I just made for you this afternoon.
:( Back to the old drawing board!

Olivia may just be running a slight fever if she is teething. That may also be why she doesn't want a bottle as much. It probably hurts her mouth to suck on it. As for the mac and cheese...she's just showing you who's boss. (In case you forgot.)

I love to hear about all of you, since we don't get to see you all very often these days. I cannot wait until the day that the kids can all play together. We were thinking that this weekend would be the annual leaf jumping party. Hopefully next year you all can come too!

Sarah said...

I like hearing about all three of you!

Also, I'm vegan so if you need any recipes or tips, I eat an allergen-free diet and have some very awesome recipes that you could eat and enjoy.

Also, has breads that are all gluten free and made specifically for people with multiple food allergies. It's all pretty good.

There is also a workout you can do (you can check with your physician) that is desiged to improve your lymphatic system. You can let me know if you're interested in that. I've been doing it for about a month and have noticed a big difference in how I feel. I have energy to make it through my days now.

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

The last time that my little one decided not to eat and was running a fever, I found out after 5 days that he had a double ear infection. He didn't show any signs of pain until the doctor tried to look in his ears. Might be something to check with Olivia.

Anonymous said...

Olivia is getting so big! This blog has been great to see all her amazing accomplishments as she grows!

And about the no gluten. . .they do make gluten free bread at health stores & they do have boxes where you can make your own gluten free bread.

The Microblogologist said...

I guess I am the only 'roids person, though I was only on them for 2 or 3 weeks. I had systemic poison ivy and the doc put me on them to help knock it out (he had to bump me up to 60mg to make a difference). I mainly only had swelling in my legs, especially my ankles, but did not notice any other side effects (I was pretty sick so may not have noticed everything). They tasted horrid, that I remember! I also remember his warning to make sure I followed the schedule and eased off them so my adrenal system wouldn't crash, THAT was disconcerting. I think it is amazing how many things can be treated with corticosteroids, I also have had steroid therapy for my wrist, those were topical and injected though so not the same issues.

God Bless,