Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday, December 13, 2008 - Update

After mommy took pictures of me, she let me watch Baby Signing Times.

That silly Hopkins!

She loves that show. I have yet to see her do any signs, although I swear she might have done the sign for "brush teeth" as I was brushing mine. It's nice that she'll sit down and watch something instead of always wanting on pony. When she crawls (scoots rather) she goes straight to pony. When we walk with her, she walks straight to pony. She can't look at pony without wanting to ride the pony. Her face lights up with such a sense of accomplishment as she rides around the house. Everything Olivia loves. . .she loves to the extreme. Hopefully, she will someday learn to walk by herself and isn't riding the pony to kindergarten. She isn't yet able to stand unassisted. . .mostly because she doesn't stay still that long (she's gotta get to the pony, you know.) The pony may have to find a secret hiding spot, just occasionally. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Don't sweat the standing / walking stuff... Brooke was full-term and still didn't bother with walking till she was 15 1/2 months! Olivia is doing great, especially when you look at her adjusted age! Have a wonderful weekend!
Angie C