Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008 - Update

Spreading Christmas cheer!

Don't forget to send me your Christmas tree pictures! It looks like our tour is going to be a little bit. . . .short. You can also send me pictures of your other favorite Christmas decorations. For those who missed the previous post:

Some people go on holiday tours to see Christmas decorations of their friends and families. I thought. . . .why not have a tour right here on the blog? (Can you tell that I don't get out much?) Just email me a picture of your Christmas tree. My email can be found on the sidebar of the blog. Please include the state, territory or country you live in. You may also include your last name if you'd like. Try to get the pictures to me by Dec. 12th. Oh, this will be so much fun.


Amanda said...

hey :) Did all mine come thru last night?! Don't know why that was so dag gone complicated :)

Kerry said...

We don't have ours up yet!! I know, I know: bah humbug, right? I'll see if I can't get it up in time to send it to you for your tour.

Love the picture of Olivia in her hat!