Thursday, December 4, 2008

Never Say Never Again

I appreciate all of your emails and suggestions. Of course, I want Olivia to be a completely normal little girl. . .just like I wanted a completely normal pregnancy. But, I had issues that needed to be addressed and I felt like my concerns were shrugged off. I don't want Olivia to be shrugged off as well if she has issues that need to be evaluated further. We have not seen a GI specialist, but that is one piece of great advice that I've received. Ryan and I are looking into that. I just feel like everything the poor girl needs is deemed unnecessary and everything she enjoys is deemed harmful. For example:

Olivia loves her jumperoo. . . .but, jumperoos are bad.
As a baby, she loved to be cuddled and carried around. . . . .but, she needed more floor time.
She loves walking around the house holding onto your fingers. . . .but, that's bad for her shoulders.
She needs to be supplemented with Pediasure. . .but, only in a sippy cup that she can't drink from.
She loves her Mac-n-cheese. . . .so, take it away.
Olivia enjoys Gerber Puffs. . . but, don't feed them to her yourself or she'll become helpless.
She is a 23 weeker going into RSV season. . . so, don't give her a Synagis shot.
She has awful reflux. . .but, don't increase her Prevacid.

If anyone tells me that she can't ride her pony, I'm going to say, "You're fired." :-) However, that's why God made mothers. . .to take in all the advice and custom fit it to best meet the needs of their children.

Also, she does only eat her mac-n-cheese for lunch everyday. She has other foods for breakfast, snacks and dinner. Today, she fell in love with Multi-Grain Club crackers (one of my favorites that I'm not supposed to eat anymore. . .hohum.)


Kim said...

You might want to incorporated "What they don't know won't hurt them" philosophy into your daily routine. Doctors and experts always seem to be a fountain of information, but they don't always have the answers. They would probably fall over dead from all the things that I allow our kids to do that they shouldn't. Olivia, like all children, will do things in her own time, own schedule, and her own way. No two kids are alike, no two kids learn the same way, and no two kids do things on the same schedule. Frankly, you wouldn't want them to. So keep your chin up and remember what a special miracle Olivia is.

Anonymous said...



Jill, Matt, Ellie and Kailey said...

ITA with Kim. You know what I do for a living, and I preach and preach to families every single day about this, that and the other...and sometimes I ignore my own advice. You are her mother, and you get the ultimate decision on what happens with your child. You are the very best specialist with your child. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I highly recommend seeing GI, we have to take Kailey there for her horrid reflux as well, they can do combos of med and adjust as needed. Keep going, Mama, you are doing a fabulous job!

23 Weekers said...

The way I see it... if she'll eat, feed her. I WISH my preemies would eat mac-n-cheese. I would feed it to them every meal. Olivia is going into toddler age. Toddlers don't think it's necessary to eat. Most toddlers get really picky about what they eat - preemies are no exception. They'll pick one food and that's all they'll eat for months. It passes. She'll try new things soon enough. Don't stress over it. If she's gaining weight and likes it, then let her have it.


Amanda said...

I remember when Jake was a baby... he LOVED to sleep on my chest... and everyones like...."dont do that, he'll get used to it and won't sleep on his own" and ya know what?.. he DID eventually sleep on his own! They aren't gonna do these things forever! I don't have a 4 year old sleeping on my chest! lol.. and I'm so glad I didn't listen to them...cause that was the best feeling...same with the rocking them to sleep thing... yeah, they might like you to do it....and maybe you'll wind up rocking them for 2 years... but they WILL eventually not wanna be rocked.. and thats when you wish they DID! .... Cherish all that you want to cherish... and do what your motherly instinct says to do! You're obviously doing a good job!