Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 - Update

Happy Birthday, Aunt Laura!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


RyanAndrew2007 said...

She looks so big and "grown up" in her walker. Too cute!

Julia said...

Thanks, Olivia for the birthday wishes and for the birthday call.
You look adorable and so grown up!
Aunt Laura

Jamie said...

Hey Jodi, you can definitely add us to your blog list. I should do that our our blog.

A swallow study is easy. You just have to take in what they are drinking (from bottles or whatever they are drinking from) and eating and they add a little barium to it. Then they watch with an x-ray to see where it goes as they swallow. If she really has trouble drinking thin liquid then it might be something to inquire about. Our hospitals were big on thickening stuff so that is how we got started with them.

I completely understand wanting to get her off the bottle. Will has mastered the straw but Lindy is
nowhere close. She chews on it. We offer it to her at every meal and every snack and she still hasn't gotten it. She's sucked a few times but not many. Our OT says that she will get it. I just keep wondering when. We haven't even tried the sippy cup because our OT doesn't like them. We use the honey bear bottle (there are pictures on our blog) and that way we can squeeze liquid up into her mouth in hopes that she'll one day realize that is where the liquid is coming from. One day (hopefully!)