Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008 - Update

Olivia has been busy enjoying all of her presents. We thought that we were going to be able to try out her sled today, but the snow stopped. This Christmas was hard for me because we were unable to spend it with our extended family. Next year, we should be able to get all of the cousins together. My family, in particular, is going through a transitional phase which means our traditions are not staying the same. As long as I can remember, we spent Christmas Eve at my grandparents' house which doesn't happen anymore. I've also been going crazy with cabin fever this winter. It's increasingly difficult to keep Olivia at home when she's starting to explore everything. We really enjoyed spending the last two days out of the house with Olivia's two sets of grandparents. I think the festivities wore Olivia out because she slept until 9:40 am this morning!

Thanks, Izzy, for my learning chair!
I love my new wheels!

As I mentioned before, Olivia got a special gift from her Grandpa Glunt. When Ryan was a child, his dad would carve ornaments for the kids each year. He always made ornaments of their favorite toys or interests that year. When Ryan was about Olivia's age, he got an ornament of his favorite horse. I actually had a bucky horse just like it. Maybe some of you did too?
So, Olivia had to have one made of her pony (quite possibly the best toy ever made.)

Now, they'll hang side by side on the tree and I know it will be special for Olivia for years to come.


Amanda said...

those are the cutest ornament ever! lol...and.. we are going thru the "traditional" changes too.. the grandparent are kinda "passing it down" kinda thing.. and yea, it kinda confusing. Also! Its cold enought there to snow!! Do you know the temp here today!? guess...take a guess... 40? NOPE?! We hit 70 stinkin degrees here today?! in OHIO!!! I took down the tree today...with all the windows up, and the front screen open! lol.. but then tomorrow its suppose to be 30?! (maybe we'll see a Kansas tornado here :) anyways! I'll fire you off an email here soon :) and I should be sending out a slideshow too :)

angie c said...

awesome ornaments! Can we commission him to do ornaments for our kiddos too ;) lol... I wonder if my husband can make things like that. I'll have to ask!

Don said...

Yes, like she said, those are awesome ornaments! We are quite impressed! I'll bet Bill can ease on into a second career making those! I can see the sign on his door now....."Ye Olde Ornament Maker Shoppe" "Ornaments Made - While You Wait" "Walk-ins Welcome" Bill, if you park a piano in the corner, I'll even provide some atmosphere while you work! And CD's!!!! No, DVD's! We'll sell "how-to" DVD's for people interested in making their own! And, a website! We could sell'em worldwide!

Okay, okay, maybe I'm getting carried away.....if nothing else, that is a wonderful "keepsake" for our wonderful Granddaughter and we thank you so much for the thoughtfulness!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas. I love the picture of Olivia in her car. She looks "cool". I really like the idea of a homemade ornament representing the toy most loved throughout the year. I think I need to learn how to make stuff like that.

Have a great weekend.

Emily said...

That's an awesome ornament. How special!

Cristi said...

Oh my gosh, that is awesome. How neat and what a keepsake! I love having ornaments on my tree with memories to go with them. Just think, next year she will help you put it on the tree in just the right spot! Good job, grandpa!