Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 - Update

Look at what I got from "aunt" Kerry!
A new riding toy!

My computer was on the fritz today. Every time I tried to use it, I got the dreaded blue screen of death. After working all day, my husband spent all night trying to fix it. I don't know what normal people do when they have computer problems. I mean, the Dell support people couldn't figure out what was wrong. Ryan fixes everything and before I met Ryan, my brother took care of things for me. My brilliant husband got it up and running again and I'm so grateful.

Olivia got an early Christmas present when Kerry came over to visit today. Her legs need to be a bit longer to make it go as fast as she'd like, but she loves it. Riding toys are the best thing ever! I got a chuckle when I read the box and it says, "Your child can walk behind it and when they're older, it converts to a ride on." Olivia must have it backwards because she has trouble walking behind things, but loves to ride on them.

It doesn't feel like tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We're not doing any celebrations with our family until later in the week, so it's just a normal day in our lives. I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas Eve.


Ann Glowacki said...

Hi Jodi,

Jaxson has the same "car" and he loves it too... he like to hide stuff in the front compartment. It's too cute. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Olivia is adorable!

Take care,
Ann Glowacki

Anonymous said...

Hope you Ryan and Olivia have a wonderful Christmas a peaceful day and I hope Olivia have a lot of fun playing with her new toys, she is a Christmas present herself for both of you and the family.

God bless,

Amanda said...

Hey Miss Olivia-
Looks like a pretty cool car! It's amazing how much you have changed since last Christmas! You have grown into a beautiful toddler :) Just wanted to wish you and your mommy a Merry Christmas...cause we are going to be busy the next few days! Have fun opening presents, and be a good girl for mommy! Jake and Nate say hi too :)
love, amanda

Kim said...

We will miss seeing you all at mom and dad's today. Christmas just isn't the same without you guys. We can't wait until next year so that we can all be together again. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, and a very Merry Christmas tomorrow.