Monday, December 22, 2008

What is Perfect?

In a perfect world, Olivia and Logan would be celebrating their first birthday on December 23rd. That was my due date. Instead, Olivia celebrates her birthday in the summer without her twin brother. I guess I shouldn't say "perfect" because a world that doesn't follow God's plan is far from perfect. It's easy, however, to trust in God's plan when it follows your own wants and desires. When it means not being able to watch your child grow up or enduring other tragedies. . .it can be difficult at times. Our idea of perfect is often different from God's. If it wasn't, God would have sent his son to be born in some royal palace instead of in a stable. That would have made more sense to our human minds, but that wasn't God's plan. His plan truly is perfect. That takes a lot for me to say given that my plan would have included raising Olivia and Logan as twins. But, He knows what is best. . .much more than I do.

So, as I celebrate Olivia's would-be birthday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. . .my prayer is to grow more accepting of God's plan in my life. . .whatever that may be. My prayer is for none of us to carry anger in our hearts about a life that doesn't seem fair or one that hasn't gone as planned. Trust that it has gone according to God's plan and that's something that is perfect.

My little girl is pretty perfect as well!


I'm. . .touching. . .the. . .tree. . .


Anonymous said...

I love reading your honest entries like this... your faith is so inspiring. I'm sure you feel like you don't have any more special faith than the rest of us, but just know that you are doing a wonderful job of honoring the Lord with what you have been dealt so far in life! I have a feeling you will get a "well done, good and faithful servant" someday!
PS- I just read the falling off the bed entry! You are not alone! We have had MANY moments like that. I'm just glad to see we're not the only ones ;-)

Our little Miracles said...

I can truley say I know exactly how you feel. My little boy will be a year old next month. He and his sister were due end of April. Boy do I miss her. Approaching their first b-day I have mixed emotions. At the same time I look forward to next year and Braden's continued progress. May Olivia and her family along with Braden and ours have a very wonderful Christmas and New Year. May God bring us many blessings in 2009.

Julia said...

What a testimony, Jodi! When the bed Joel is building for Julia for Christmas fell off the saw horses last night, Pastor Rebekah reminded us that, "Sometimes God plans are different than ours." We wish you a very Merry Christmas and will miss you so much.

amyoutlaw said...

WOW. Great entry, very honest and very true. I also read the falling off the bed entry.....I can't tell you how many times my son has fallen really really hard from places I thought were safe (highchair anyone?). There's so much guilt that goes with motherhood it becomes so overwhelming. I also have a friend with adrenal gland problems and it too stems mostly from stress. Beat wishes and don't feel one bit of guilt for her falling off of the bed.