Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wednesday, December 30, 2008 - Update

Well, my laptop is on the fritz again so I'm using Ryan's computer. I gotta say, I'm loving his new monitor that he got for Christmas. Today hasn't been a particularly good day. I'm about at my wit's end. Olivia's feeding troubles just keep worsening, so I had to bring in the big guns and have Ryan call the doctor's office today. They thought that we should bring her in and Ryan agreed to go with me. I don't know why things seem to be taken more seriously when they come from him. We still didn't really get anywhere, though.

Anyway, we can barely get 1-2 oz in her at every bottle. She cries and screams and scratches and claws at me when I try to feed her. You should see my neck. . .it looks like I got in the middle of a cat fight. It's like this at EVERY bottle. It hurts her. She is so hungry and she takes a few swallows and then refuses to take any more and then cries and cries! I don't know if it's reflux. . .I'm not pretending to know the answers. I just don't think it's normal to cry like that every time she eats! They continue to say that her 15 mg of Prevacid daily is the appropriate dosage (even though I hear otherwise online.) She does have a GI appt next month, but I just can't imagine this going on for a few more weeks. It's gotten bad since Halloween and the last few days have been a nightmare. They are, however, switching her to Prilosec, so we'll see if that works. I'm just so frustrated and no one can give me any answers. I brought a bottle with me to the doctor's appt. and I was tempted to hand her over and say, "You feed her. . .good luck!" I, myself, am still not feeling better and I've been on hydrocortisone for 2 months, plus I take about 10 supplements (some 3 times a day) and now I'm on progesterone as well. I think my hair is a bit healthier. . .and that's cool and all, but not really what I was going for. I could go on and on about that, but I won't. My main concern is helping my daughter not be in such pain. It literally breaks my heart and I just don't know what to do.

I did want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my adorable nephew, Kaleb. I meant to write this earlier in the day, but without my laptop it's difficult. I will wait to post pictures when Ryan gets back from the birthday party (so sorry that Olivia and I couldn't make it.) Happy Birthday, sweetheart! We love you!! Ryan, Jodi and Olivia


Sarah M. said...

Oh gosh Jodi I am so sorry :(

Can you bring the bottle to the GI and feed her in front of him?

Jodi said...

Hopefully. . .I'm sure they will want to do a swallow study, but that will probably be months from now.

23 Weekers said...

Kinnick was doing the same thing with feeds for at least 2 weeks. She finally started eating again today. She seems to be teething. When their gums hurt, they don't know where the pain is coming from - sometimes it feels like their jaw, sometimes like their ears, and sometimes they just irritate them so bad that they don't want to eat. Anyway, Kinnick also had a snotty nose, drainage that was causing a sore throat, and was coughing up nasty green slime. They put her on an antibiotic and all of a sudden after 24 hrs, she's eating normally again. I've tried giving Kinnick motrin about 30 minutes before a feed before when I thought she had some pain. It's worked in the past. It at least masked the pain and she would eat for me. Of course, nothing worked with this last issue besides the antibiotic.

I hope she starts eating soon.

Angie C said...

Jodi this may not be it at all, you never can tell with these kiddos...but brooke cut her first six teeth all together at about the 13 month stage-and she would NOT take her bottle at all... it hurt her mouth to suck from all the teething. So I thought "well, if she's not going to take the bottle, then it's a good time to get rid of the bottle!" So I just started doign her sippy cup more often, giving her many many sips and miraculously I was able to get down the equivalent of 24 ounces over the course of the day. It was more tedious from continuosly giving her sips(and messy b/c I did it without the valve in it the first few days), but it worked and made weaning from the bottle quite easy. I can't recall if you've had any luck with sippy cups, but it might be time to try it again. And even now, hannah hasn't figured out or does not want to SUCK on a sippy cup (with a valve in it), but she sure gets a kick out of drinking from them when they are free-flowing! Good luck!

Jodi said...

If this whole thing is caused by those 2 stubborn teeth, I'm going to insist that the tooth fairy pay her extra for those some day. And, maybe even slip a couple dollars under mama's pillow.

Suzanne said...

I must say I have to agree with the other comments - this is very likely to do with teeth! Have you tried giving a spoon full of paracetemol 10 mins before you feed her (or a suppository if she takes nil by mouth). Teething children are notoriously difficult! Or how about trying the amber stone necklace to help with pain - I have used it on my 3rd child since she was 10 weeks old (she is 15 months now and still wearing it)and while i obviously cannot prove anything, she definitely had less trouble teething than my 1st two children. There is lots of information about them on the internet. Here's a link


Alicia said...

I am sorry about all this. I'll pray for you and Olivia and also for the doctors, that they will figure out what is wrong.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of Olivia's trouble! That is a big bummer! I have no advice but just wanted to say we're thinking of you and hope she and YOU feel more like yourselves soon!

Amanda said...

I know it does seem crazy that teeth could cause THIS much trouble...but... I agree...(although it could be something else) it really could be the teeth thing.....Nathan was a terrible teether! I didnt take a bottle for a week or two....he did eat his food.... but no bottle...I gave him liquid through a straw...so... I know it isnt an "original" answer..but it really could be the teeth...so... (I always hated when people told ME that though)(it seemed teeth was the answer to everything) So, hope she feels better...I've talked about her all week with my out of town friends...so now they all know.."Amanda has a friend, Jodi, from Kansas" :) Talk to you soon :)

The Microblogologist said...

It has been awhile but I think when I was on prevacid it was 20mg/day. Doc then switched me to prilosec at the standard adult dose of 20mg/day. When that wasn't enough he bumped me up to 40mg/day, he doesn't want to go any higher than that given I am small, Olivia's doc probably thinks the same way for her.

PPIs are great, but they only prevent acid production. I can tell you for a fact that it is possible to have issues even without the acid. Getting rid of the acid is essential in someone with reflux but unfortunately it is not always enough to stop the painful symptoms (I have reflux and gastritis symptoms quite often, without acid my esophagus won't erode). Reglan helped me a lot with the GI stuff when I was on it, unfortunately for me it causes extreme fatigue and a college student in the middle of the semester can't afford to sleep most of the time.

I hope you get into the GI doc soon with her, hopefully they will have more insight and be able to get her on the proper meds at the proper doses to get her system running smoothly. She is such happy and beautiful child despite all this, definitely helps me put my issues into perspective. Thank you for sharing your sweet little miracle =).