Friday, January 2, 2009

Evening Update

All was going well until her last bottle. . .she wouldn't even take an ounce before bed. That's 11 oz total for the day. (First bottle: 3 oz, second bottle: 7 oz, third bottle: 1 oz.) She did try some bologna, bread and a chocolate Santa, however. I think there are multiple issues going on. 1) Reflux that we don't quite have a handle on, but she has an appt with a GI on the 13th. 2) She just isn't interested in her bottle anymore, but has not yet mastered a cup or straw. 3) Those two evil teeth on the top coming in. Like I said in a previous comment. . .I'm demanding double from the tooth fairy when she loses those teeth. We didn't have this much trouble with the other four that she has. It has been a nightmare. Please pray that the switch to Prilosec helps her reflux and that those teeth come in NOW. We're all going crazy.


Kerry said...

Sorry it's been so rough getting her to eat. But in true Olivia fashion, she will figure out a way to tell you what she needs. I just wish you didn't have to get so stressed in the meantime. Just try to remember how happy and healthy she is. Losing a bit of weight now and then won't be a big deal in the long run. Hang in there! Hope to see you soon.

Stacy said...

hey jodi,
i have noticed some of this exact stuff with conner. i know all peds/gi's are different, but my ped said to try for about 12 oz of liquid a day and make sure he is getting calcium in other forms if i can't get a lot of milk in. conner is totally a cheese man, so we manage. i was so worried about dehydration too, but as long as there are wet diapers, tears, drool, my ped told me to relax. second, i noticed a few weeks ago that conner is completely over his bottle. he just will not take it anymore, he just chews it and pushes it away. we finally got the honey bear and in a few weeks, he was loving it. now we just try and get the liquids in that way. we have gone to a straight breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, snack routine and conner has adjusted well to it. he still has a lot of refluxy burps, but for now, our GI is refusing to increase (although I've thought about just testing it myself) his meds. Have you tried yogurt melts? Conner didn't like them at first, but now he loves them and plain yogurt too. Good luck. I know it can be frustrating.

Suzanne said...

My 16 month baby who used to eat everything (and i mean everything) put in front of her, has eaten little or nothing for the past 3 weeks, except her porridge in the morning). otherwise she has been drinking water during the day and nibbling on the odd cracker or rice cake. As a result she has lost 1.5 lbs since christmas eve and seems constipated. So tonight I called the parent info line at the children's hospital (since doctors offices close at 5pm) and the doctor told me to continue to offer all the usual foods and eventually she will start eating again. He also told me not to stress because that will be passed on to the baby and prevent further eating. He said she should drink lots of fluids and she will be fine. He said that she should continue to eat with us at the table and be allowed to select food from our plates. He reckoned it is likely to be the beginnings of the toddler (i.e opinionated) phase and that she will be more likely to eat food from our plates with her own two hands and fork, than if we are to try to feed her. I don't know if this helps you but I certainly understand your anxiety!