Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009 - Update

Is it just me or does Olivia get cuter and cuter every day? And she loves to flip her pages, whether it's on her table, in her walker or her books. One day, she sat and looked through my scrapbook for 30 minutes or so. Every day, she discovers something new. If only she would drink out of something other than a bottle. I feel so unintelligent sometimes. . .I mean, who can't get their child to drink from a cup? I believe that the months of painful reflux is to blame when she didn't want to drink anything. We couldn't teach her to hold her own bottle because she didn't want anything to do with it. She associated it with pain. (After forgetting to give her the Prilosec one day last week, we've noticed that it has truly made a world of difference.) The months of not using her arms held her back as well, plus she doesn't like things forced in or around her mouth. We noticed that she loves to walk around and shake things. So, our next plan of attack is to give her a sippy cup full of ice so that she can hold it and shake it and familiarize herself with it. Hopefully, once she sees that it's not "bad" she can start drinking from it.

I've given up hope that I will one day become this new, peppy person. I might as well get rid of my list of "things to do when I get energy." My fatigue gets worse and worse and it makes me so angry. I hate being tired. I truly am grateful that I have a little girl who wakes me up at night because I came so close to not having that. I'd hate to sleep through a silent night or have a spotless house. That would mean that I wouldn't be a mom of this amazing girl. I have to have Ryan proofread my posts because I'm so tired that half of the time, they don't even make sense. I've tried everything and nothing works and I'm so frustrated. I think I'm just going to be tired forever.


Chris and Machel said...

She is so adorable and does get cuter everyday!! Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful poem with us. It was amazing!!

Amanda said...

Hey Jodi :)
I cant imagine being THAT tired all the time....and here I email you with my boring stories :) lol... BUT! Just a suggestion...which you may have already been, but have you thought anymore about asking a chiropractor about the fatigue? They can do amazing things, and may be able to give you different supplements? I dunno...just a thought...I LOVE mine here.. I could go on and on about all he has done for our I would share :) Hope you get energy soon....