Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009 - Update

Well, it was another sleepless night last night. On Tuesday night, Olivia surprised us by sleeping throughout the night. So, we attempted to recreate everything that we did. . .even down to the temperature of our house and the pajamas that she wore. No such luck as she was up multiple times. She finally came to bed with us and my back is killing me from attempting to keep myself from falling out of bed. She is getting two more bottom teeth and apparently the teething tablets and Motrin didn't work as well as they did the night before.

I tend to agree that Olivia's shaking is nothing too concerning. It probably is a form of self-stimulation since she has a few other sensory issues. She also sometimes likes to bang her head against our headboard and laugh. There are a few quirky things that she does that I probably wouldn't think twice about had she been born full term. Okay, maybe I would a little as I can be a bit neurotic at times. Hard to believe, I know, but it's true. :) She tends to flap her arms a lot, but that dates back to her days in the NICU when she always did the chicken dance. She loves to ride in her pink car, but sometimes I think it is just so she can chew on the seatbelt. Some days she would rather chew on the baby food lid rather than eat the baby food. Again, all normal toddler things, but everything is scrutinized in greater detail with a micro-preemie. Weight gain is probably at the top of the list and she can't seem to break 17.5 lbs. At least she is not losing weight and with her constant level of activity. . .that's amazing. One thing that I know for certain is that Olivia is amazing. . .and that's not just because I'm her mom. I know that some of you agree as well or you wouldn't check in on her every day. Thank you for that!

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angie c said...

hey jodi- i meant to tell you that both of my girls do a little shake thing when they get excited. They would clench their little fist and their whole body would quiver. I think it is jsut their little body's way of releasing the excitement! :)

Ellie Grace and Bennett said...

Your recreation to get her to sleep through the night gave me a laugh that I really needed!!! I also wanted to tell you that when Ellie gets frustrated she tenses her fists and does a little body shake. I always just assumed that she was just acting out (she has a bit of a temper!). I know exactly how you feel though. Every little thing they do that seems "abnormal" worries you...I don't think that is ever going to end!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi!
Charlie also does a shake type thing when he gets really mad or frustrated! He tenses up and throws things or even will bang his head on the floor or whoever's holding him if he is really mad (This only happens when he doesn't get his way or can't figure out his toy or something like that.) Don't know if that helps you but I was very worried about the head banging at first but I guess some kids do that and it has lessened as he has learned to communicate more and let us know what he wants.

Well, enough of that! Good luck with the sleeping! We still have nights where we don't get a wink of sleep - I think these kids will keep us on our toes forever :-) And yes, we do think Olivia is pretty impressive (enough to check your blog daily :-)

Shea said...

That poll is so cute! I can't wait to read the post where you tell us about her first steps!
I hope that her teeth come in beautifully and that it cause her any pain. And I agree with you, she's AMAZING!!!