Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Day In Glasses

So, these are glasses?
I don't know about these. . .
I'm just going to take them off, okay?

What about this look? Does it make me look sophisticated?

We picked up her glasses today and as you can tell. . .they are impossible to keep on. Our goal is 5 seconds. As we're putting them on, we praise her and tell her that she looks so cute. She smiles and lets us put them on her, but then takes them right off. We'll just keep trying. . .I'm sure she'll get it at some point. I hope so. . .as much as they cost!


Stacie said...

Ok, first and foremost - she looks adorable!! {Just as I knew she would}.
I'm sure it will take some time for her to get used to wearing glasses, but in time - things will be much easier.
Did they suggest a band or something to go from the ear pieces around her head? Maybe that could be something she wore at home to get her used to having them on her little face.
Can't wait to see more pictures of your little cutie in her glasses.
Have a good day Momma.

Amy said...

She looks adorable! My twin nieces both got glasses at 2 years old and it was a challenge getting them to keep them on, but after several months they finally got use to them and would leave them on for longs periods at a time. Good luck and I will see if my sister-in-law has any pointers I can pass along. God Bless

Anissa said...

Too Cute! She will get use to them!

Becky said...

She looks so cute!! I'll be praying for you as you work through this new challenge!

McTriplet Mommy said...

Hope she gets used to them! We did use a strap behind the head which I think helped a little... but she'll get them off if she wants to. :)

Look forward to seeing you Saturday!


Amanda said...

O. My. Goodness. She kills me! lol.. she is too cute!!! And, I can only imagine how frustrating it could be trying to get her to keep them on...did you tell her? Tell her I said they are COOL! Tell her they make her look "in style".. that otta do it!! :) Shes so sweet, I will so pray for her tonight! *well...this morning..its 1 am already...whoops! I need to get to bed!

Erin said...

She looks SO cute!

Katy B said...

She looks so cute!! I know it is strange for mom at first to see her little girl in glasses...both mine have glasses & now I can't imagine them with their glasses!
She will get used to them & leave them on once she realizes she can see better with them than without them.:)