Thursday, April 16, 2009

March for Babies Reminder

Are you ready for the march on Saturday?

I just wanted to pass along a few reminders about the March for Babies this Saturday.

* It is this Saturday, April 18th. Be there between 9 - 9:15 am to sign our banner, be in our team pictures, see the t-shirt contest, etc. The walk around the river starts at 10!
* It is at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium this year.
* If you have an Olivia and Logan Team t-shirt, be sure to wear it. If you don't, put on something yellow and you'll blend right in. Since the weather might be a bit cooler (and hopefully not rainy) some of us are going to try to wear a white long sleeve shirt underneath our t-shirt in lieu of a jacket.
* Lunch will follow the 2 mile walk around the river.
* Oh, if you have bracelets and/or buttons from last year. . .be sure to wear them as well!!!

Can't wait to see many of you on Saturday!!


Erin said...

Wish I could be there!

Julia said...

Can't wait! We are pumped!

Chickenista said...

My spirit will be there! Hope its a great sunny day for y'all!

Holli said...

I know you said something about mailing our offline donations in before wednesday...oh, the best laid plans. If we did not get then mailed in, do we need to be there early on saturday to turn them in>

Jodi said...

If you get there by 9:15 am, there will be plenty of time to turn the money in. Just look for a sign or something that says Registration.

Anissa said...

Wish I could go! Hope yall have a wonderful time! TFS

HansonTriplets said...

I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Just look for our cho cho wagon. We will stick out like a sour thumb probably. I know the graf quads will be there with there wagon but it will probably be the only two with them there. I am looking forward to NKOTB too! See you Saturday. Olivia looks adorable in her new glasses.