Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009 - Update

My new water table

I love to play outside.

I'm never happy when mom and dad make me come inside.

It's official. My little girl is not a baby anymore. She is 100% toddler. . .complete with an attitude, independent streak, desire to be outside and little tantrums thrown in here and there. She loves to play outside and has the grass cuts all over her legs to prove it. My days of keeping her protected are over. She is into everything and there's no holding her back. She won't sit still for a second. . .she just goes and goes and goes. Of course, I love being able to watch her explore her world and blossom into this amazing young girl. I still can't believe how far she's come.

Today, daddy asked her to come into the kitchen to eat lunch and she looked at him and said, "NO!" and walked away. That was the first time Olivia has said "no" before, so it took me by surprise. She's definitely starting to test her boundaries! I am going to have to start saying "no" a lot more as well.


Sarah M. said...

That is seriously impressive! Sydney didn't start telling us 'no' on a regular basis until a few weeks ago. Good job Olivia!


I love your water table, it looks like fun. Isn't it funny that the word NO is the first thing girls say with any real conviction, she's definately 1 going on 13, just ask Maddie.