Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009 - Update

I hear that you guys are marching two by two to my birthday party!

It'll be so much fun!

I am just giddy about her party tomorrow. It's mainly a family party because with both of our families. . .that's about 25 people. I think my picnic idea is going to pan out because it's supposed to be gorgeous weather with highs in the mid-80s. Who would have thought for the end of August? Olivia is still coughing a bit and her eyes and nose have been itching (which makes it hard to wear glasses.) That makes me suspect allergies and since they are bothering me quite a bit right now, they might be bothering her as well. Hopefully, she'll feel okay for her party tomorrow because I'm so excited about it. Last year, at her first birthday, we were still unsure of the challenges ahead of her. She was not yet sitting up or using her arms to grab toys, etc. I am amazed at how far she has come! The big news of the week? She's pointing!!!! She has a word book and we sat for probably an hour this morning pointing to things in the book. When she saw the stroller, she went and found her stroller. . .when she saw the phone, she found our phone. When she sees the hair brush, she pretends to brush her hair and when she see shoes, she signs shoes. And. . . .when she goes poopoo? She comes up to me and says poopoo. (Remind self to delete that sentence before Olivia is old enough to read it.) We've seen amazing progress just in the past few weeks. Now, if only we could get back to 20 lbs. Sadly, we went back down to 19.5 lbs. If you could gain weight on peaches, grapes, cherries and mac and cheese. . .we'd be set. Anyway, can't wait to tell you all about her party!


Kim said...

Well this aunt can't wait to come marching to the party! The kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement. See ya tomorrow!

Amanda said...

that is thee cutest picture! Did you make the ants and rock?! (is that a stupid question) :) and that is awesome what all she is doing!! Pointing is a good thing :) shes a smart cookie that olivia :) Cant wait to see pics from the party!!!! I will pretend Im there... "haaaaappy birthdaaaayy... toooooooo.....yooooooou! :)" btw.. ya, you cant post my "fabulous" blog to whatever you wanted :) I posted yours to mine too :) Have fun tomorrow!!!!

Cristi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY! Hope you all have a fabulous time. What an amazing miraculous celebration. Enjoy!!!

Just Breathe said...

Have a wonderful party. Happy Birthday sweet Olivia. She is really doing well, what fun it is to hear about all of her achievements.