Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009 - Update

Okay, so I've been a bit lazy by posting pictures without actually blogging. It seems I have a million things to do at night before bed. Plus, I haven't felt too good today and sadly, it seems Olivia doesn't feel that well either. Tonight, she started coughing and sounded a bit congested. She hasn't quite been herself for the last few days. I really, really hope we're not all getting sick because her birthday party is Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed and send some prayers our way. Until today, however, we've had a pretty good week.

Olivia has been helping mom "organize."

We met daddy for lunch at Pizza Hut and Olivia had some seatsa (pizza.)

We went to the mall and I let Olivia play in the kid zone area. She loved it and ran around squealing. She actually didn't touch a single thing. . .just enjoyed looking at the floor and walking through the clubhouse. I sanitized her up pretty well afterwards, however.

And, we went to Build A Bear and bought a new outfit for William, the teddy bear. I think Olivia approved.


Michele said...

Awwwe..she looks GREAT!!! Look how happy she is!!! Gotta love those Kid Zones ;)! Sorry that you are not feeling well...I will say a little prayer that Olivia doesnt get any worse. Doesnt it figure, at our house...birthday parties=being sick.
My almost 4 year old daughter saw the picture of Olivia holding the Build A Bear...and now she want to get one! LOL!

Amanda said...

WOW! You surpassed me :) (and Im not a "germ" person) I've yet to let the kids go in one of those Kid Zone thingys... but ours are always packed! (at the mall) good for you! You're really stepping out of your comfort zone :) Thats awesome! btw... I started a blog too now.. its veeerrrryyyyy not interesting yet... I just made it last night to see if I could even DO it.. and then I am going to work on it.. I havent "invited" people yet to view it.. but you can check it out if you want..:) Its Let me know what you think :)

Amy said...

I hope you guys feel better and I love all the new pics of Olivia! They are adorable and she has such a fantastic smile! I hope you guys have a wonderful b-day party on Sat! God Bless!

Cristi said...

Love that new header. Hope you guys feel great tomorrow.