Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009 - Update

Olivia's birthday started out really rough for me. I think I was up until 4 am just crying. Crying because on August 27, 2007. . .I gave birth to two babies. Crying because I don't want Logan to think that I don't care that it's his birthday also. Crying because I don't want the fact that it's Logan's birthday to overshadow Olivia's birthday. Crying because I'm so happy that I have my little girl. There are so many mixed emotions surrounding Olivia's birthday that I don't know how to deal with them all. I thought I was going to be okay this year. Then, I started making the video for Olivia and it all came out of nowhere. Good thing that I cried it all out last night, so that I was ready to celebrate with Olivia when she woke up. We've sort of had a week long celebration since Ryan has a whole week of vacation this week.

Olivia spent the afternoon at her grandparents so that Ryan and I could shop for new phones. The other day, as we were driving home. . . .my diaper bag fell over, a half-empty bottle of milk spilled out and pooled into the stroller canopy and my camera and cell phone fell out into the pool of milk. Camera seems okay, but my cell phone was toast. We had been talking about getting iPhones for awhile (and actually looked at them earlier this week) but we decided to wait until next year. Well, it ended up happening sooner than we anticipated, but I gotta say. . .I LOVE the new thing!! Ryan and I were up until 1:30 am this morning adding apps and checking everything out. Of course, now it's almost 3 am and I'm still awake, but that's nothing new.

I hope Olivia has had a fun birthday week. She is going through another developmental "explosion." Pointing? Check. Pretend Play? Check. Saying new words? Check. Communicating? Check. Sweet as ever? Check, Check. Olivia and I have a favorite snack that we eat. . .Sara Lee Cheesecake Bites. Neither one of us can get enough of them. Sometimes we grab the carton and sit down on the floor for a snack. She will get so excited when I get them out of the freezer and she'll grab one out of the carton . .and put it in MY mouth. How unselfish and sweet is that? So, then we sit and feed each other cheesecake bites. Just one example of what an amazing, little girl she is.

And, on the agenda for tomorrow (er, today?) Olivia's first haircut!

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Olivia decided to visit some of the other babies in BabyLand.


mint said...

My dad dies Nov. 3 and a year later my cousin had her baby Nov. 3 and 3 years later my daughter was born Nov. 3 !

Anonymous said...

oohhh I love chesecake bites too!!! My LaneyBug is 4 and she still shares her treats with me. It's so sweet (until its something I don't like!) I don't see Chunky Monkey doing it anytime soon though!

Amanda said...

I am in a hurry... but i will sooooo text you girl! Actually.. I need to CALL you.. cause the fact that you got an iphone right now is just funny.. :) you'll see :)

23 Weekers said...

I know I'll never have the right words, but I do think of Logan often. You're a strong girl, and I'm so sorry for your loss. Happy Birthday, Logan and Olivia.