Friday, November 13, 2009

I Think I Need A Vacation

Did you hear what else my mommy did?

My mind is turning to mush. The same day that I caused a fire in the microwave (it still smells in our house, by the way) I accidentally shut Autumn in a room. We looked all over for her last night. Then, Ryan heard meowing from below our bathroom. We found her in the old guinea pig room with the door shut. I nteresting thing was. . . .I NEVER went in that room yesterday or opened the door, so how did she get in there? We figured out that she must have snuck in the storage room when I went in to get something, climbed through the trusses in the ceiling, over the bathroom and into the guinea pig room where she was shut in for over 6 hours. Either that or my cat knows how to open doors, but I guess if she did she would have let herself out. Poor kitty. . .I felt so bad and I'm usually very observant about where Autumn is. The first thing that she did was run to her litter box. . .she held it that entire time. . .and she really had to go! Needless to say, she has been very spoiled since and slept in my arms all night last night. After all that, Autumn needs lots of cuddles and I need a vacation!


Jamie said...

Don't beat yourself up! Our kitty gets caught in rooms all time time. Especially since Will now knows how to close all the doors. He shuts them and hours later I wonder where Jack is.

Amanda said...

Hey friend! Sorry I haven't got with you with the paint color and stuff.. we have been soooo busy today.. and my butt just hit a chair for the first time all day! :) (tmi) Anyways!.. I will try and check it for you tomorrow... and email ya.. and the poor she probably thought.."am I being punished for something?!".... awwww.. :( ttyl