Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009 - Update

When I took Olivia into the doctor on Wednesday, I also asked them about the cyst on her neck. They believe it is a keloid cyst (and not a sebaceous cyst.) Keloids are formations of scar tissue that grow because the body over-defends itself as a result of trauma or surgical incisions. As you know, her skin was extremely underdeveloped at birth (even more than Logan's.) I believe the cyst was caused by her central line that went into her neck. . .something that was needed to help save her life. The problem is that the removal of keloid cysts can cause more injury to the skin which can further exacerbate them. And. . .having one keloid cyst increases her chances of developing more, so they don't recommend ANY elective surgeries. . . not even ear piercings. Yeah, try telling that to a little girl! Anyway, I have to take her to a dermatologist to get their professional opinion and a plan of action. I'll probably wait until spring to do something. Sometimes cortisone injections are recommended alongside surgery. I don't want my sweet girl to have to go through anything else. She is already facing a possible second eye surgery.

In other news, Olivia is still sick. . . as is my husband. Both have a pretty bad cough and I've been bothered by sinus pressure and a sore throat. We just can't seem to get healthy around here. I guess that's what happens when you open yourself up to the outside world. :) We still try to be careful with germs, but Olivia needs social interaction with other kids for her development. She has been thriving because of it. I had to let her run around with two boys at the doctor's office because she couldn't stand to watch them play and not be a part of the fun. Thank goodness she didn't find the slide in the play area. Olivia now makes friends everywhere she goes and it's such a blessing to watch.

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