Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - Update

What a helper!
Olivia loves to clean.

Olivia always wants to help me. . .no matter what I'm doing. Recently, she has started vacuuming alongside me. She tries her hardest. How can I get mad at her for unrolling the toilet paper when she does it so that she can clean? And, she takes the clean clothes and puts them in the hamper. I tried to explain that the clothes go in the drawers, so she took the dirty clothes out of the hamper and put them in the drawers. Everything may take twice as long, but what a joy it is to see her trying to help out so much! It makes my heart smile!

In other news, Olivia made it to 21 lbs last night. Hopefully, we continue to grow. She is eating really well since we've got her reflux back under control. I stood her up next to the growth chart today and it looks like she is over 32 inches. She was only 30 inches 3 months ago, so maybe a growth spurt is in store. Keep your fingers crossed. She also has developed a bit of a cough today. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything.

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Kim said...

When Katie was looking at these pictures of Olivia, she told me that she loved Olivia's sweatshirt. I chuckled and told her that she should because it used to belong to her. She loves seeing Olivia in her clothes!