Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010 - Update

We spent the afternoon with Izzy and Izzy's cousin, Maddie. Their family was in town from Wyoming and it was nice to see everyone. It was also Maddie's 4th birthday so we had an ice cream cake. I learned that Olivia's love of ice cream cake is even greater than I originally thought. We told her to come upstairs for ice cream cake and she wanted it NOW. I couldn't believe it when she started crying big tears and kept yelling, "Ice cream cake! Ice cream cake." I felt bad that she made such a scene and was given the first piece of cake. Olivia really enjoyed it. I'll have to add ice cream cake to the small, slow-growing list of foods Olivia will never refuse. Thanks to everyone for a great afternoon.

Maddie, the birthday girl

Olivia waiting impatiently for a piece of cake with Izzy and Maddie.

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