Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prayers for the Kahl's.

Just wanted everyone to say a prayer for my friend, Angie. We met because of similar stories. . .both struggled with infertility, finally got pregnant and gave birth prematurely to boy/girl twins. She lost her little boy, Bennett who I'm sure is one of Logan's best buddies in heaven. Angie is pregnant again with a little boy named Cullen and I just heard that she was going to the hospital with bleeding and cramping. She is only around 25 weeks. She has done everything to prevent another premature birth, so when I heard the news. . .I was shocked. . .and angry. Why is it that some of us struggle so much to be mothers? It just isn't fair. Please keep Angie, Cullen and their family in your prayers.

** Update: Angie is home with Cullen still where he needs to be. Praise God!


Kerry said...

I was glad to see she's already back home!

MoDLin said...

I'm so glad to hear that Angie is home and she and little Cullen are hanging in there. As you know, facing complications and premature labor are so scary. I will keep them in my thoughts.