Friday, April 30, 2010

Choo Choo

Olivia has started to LOVE playing trains. The other day, at Toys R Us, there was a train table set up and she could have stayed and played for hours. So, we decided to probably get Olivia a train set with a train table for her birthday. Then, I discovered how expensive train tables were. This morning, however, I found an Imaginarium train table at a neighbor's garage sale for $40!! I thought that was a pretty good deal considering it's in good condition and it would probably cost about that much to make one. It didn't come with any trains, but Olivia loves pushing her cars on it for now. We just have to figure out where to put it since it won't be taking up permanent residence in our living room.


Kim said...

I know that you are planning on getting her train track, trains, and accessories for her birthday, but I just thought I'd tell you that your welcome to borrow some track if you want until then. We have enough for at least 4 train tables! We have about 30 trains, so you could borrow some of those too! :)

Amanda said...

How sweet! And yes, it looks so lovely in the living room :) We have the Thomas table too.. and yes, it is an "investment" We did like at the store, and bolted and glued down each piece... because the boys kept knocking it over.. it seems ALL kids love trains! :) Olivia looks like she will love it.. and I know I already told you... but, I love love the haircut! It is REALLY cute! I SO need to call you!!

Joel said...

She will have to come to the house and play trains with Rebekah.