Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - Update

Getting ready for our road trip.

We visited Jamie and her daughter, Lyric.

We had a great day! Shelley, Izzy, Olivia and I drove down to Independence, KS. I think it was the farthest from home Olivia has been. :) We ate pizza at Big Cheese Pizza (which I hadn't eaten in years) and it was delicious. Then, we played all afternoon at the park. They have a great park there with tons of things to do. The park had a lot of new playground equipment and a lot of old school stuff as well. . .like those slides with a 1/2 inch lip on them and the metal, steep, wobbly stairs. I am terrified of those slides! Of course, Olivia. . .my slide connoisseur. . .would have gone on all of them. . .by herself. . . if she could. That girl has no fear! After playing all afternoon, Olivia only took a 15-20 minute nap during the 2+ hour ride home and she didn't go to bed any too early either. She is like the Energizer Bunny, I tell ya. I am worn out! But, it was fun and what a welcomed change of plans. Thanks girls for a great day!

The scary slides. . .maybe the stairs are what scare me. Look closely at this picture of Jamie and Lyric going down the slide. See who is climbing up the stairs? It's my daughter trying to give me a heart attack. LOL

Olivia played on this forever!


angie c said...

hey jodi! I haven't caught up on your blog for a few posts! Looks like you are keeping busy! We are off to WDW this weekend, when we get back, if it ever stops blowing, we will have to have a park or zoo outing together too! What is up with all this WIND!?

Stacie said...

It looks like you and your brave :) little girl had a great time.
Those slides are huge! My memory of that type of slide ... burning the back of my legs when the sun heated them up. Who thought that creating a metal object that children play with was a good idea anyways? :)