Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010 - Update

Olivia hasn't been able to spend much time outside the last few days due to the 40+ mph winds. It's just awful here and it hasn't let up. I don't see how we haven't taken 'The Windy City' title away from Chicago. I've lived here my whole life and the wind remains one of my biggest complaints. Okay, enough about that.

Last night, the three of us just layed on the floor laughing and playing. Olivia told us where we had to lay and then proceeded to climb, run, jump and fall on us. Her laugh is so contagious. Then, she started in with the tickling. . .but she only tickles you in one place. I've tried to tell her that the eyeball isn't ticklish, but she doesn't care. She wiggles her fingers, says "tickle tickle tickle" and pokes you in the eye.

Olivia and I have both been a little under the weather. I spent the day yesterday wondering if my head was truly going to explode. Because Olivia has been a bit congested, she threw up last night and got it all in her hair. We thought the quickest way to clean Olivia up would be for daddy to take her in the shower. She hated the shower (she always takes baths) and wasn't afraid to tell us so. She always tells us that she likes things by putting the word 'fun' in front of it. . .fun zoo, fun park. Last night, she loudly informed us that the shower was NOT fun and keeps reminding us of that. She also didn't appreciate the fact that her beloved Leap Frog Lily caught some of the vomit as well and they had to be apart while we cleaned her up. Olivia is now sleeping with her Lily and Gogum. . .all is right with the world.

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Kim said...

Our kids weren't thrilled about their first trip through the shower, but they soon grew to love it. All 4 of them have been showering since they were a year old. I love it because I can throw a couple of them in at a time, and the older ones soap up the younger ones.