Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010 - Update

What a gorgeous day!! We just had to spend the day outside, so we headed to the zoo. When we pulled in, Olivia squealed "gafingoes!" So, we had to see the gafingoes, of course. Any guesses on what those are? Sadly, we didn't stay for too long. Not only did everyone have the same idea as us, but there was a huge cinco de mayo celebration. I've never seen so many people!! It was a. . . zoo!! :) As we were leaving, however, Olivia fell in love with a stuffed gafingo and because of the way she hugged it and loved up on it. . .we had to take it home. So, now she has a stuffed "flamingo" that she takes everywhere. She even tossed Gogum and Lily onto the floor in place of her new friend. Now, I'm off to start writing a children's book called Gogum and Gafingo. LOL.


Amanda said...

What in the world woman! I just commented on what I thought was your new post.. and then saw you wrote on MY post.. and then I came back, and you have an even newer post! HAHA! We need to go to bed! lol.. :) Loving the gafingoes.. Gogum and Gafingos... I would TOTALLY buy a book called that! :)

Jennifer said...

I guessed flamingo before I read that she had a stuffed "flamingo" to take home! :) Yay! haha. She is too adorable. I love it! Do you have a video of her talking? I would love to hear her say "gafingo" and "gogum" :)

Stacie said...

Now that Madison is starting to say more words we love hearing her little voice. I can just hear Olivia saying, 'gogum and gafingos'. =)
What a sweet girl.

It looks like she had a great time, even if you didn't stay very long. We had the same idea a few weekends ago - and it was packed. I've decided the best time to go is during the day when it isn't packed. You can take your time and actually get up close to the exhibits.

Joel said...

I hope little girls never grow up too much to not hold their dad's hand while taking a walk.