Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010 - Update

Olivia LOVES music. She loves listening to music, singing to music, playing the piano, anything that has to do with music. She has always been that way. . .when we sang to her in the NICU, all of her stats would improve. It was always interesting because Logan's oxygen saturation would go down whenever we sang to him. I could just see him now, "Mom! Tell Olivia to stop singing." :) Olivia sings and claps her hands all the time. She can sing amazingly on pitch. My hope is that her love of music will help her through any other areas where she has difficulty and that she finds great joy in it.


Kim said...

She sang "Holy, Holy, Holy" to me the other day. Too cute! Love that girl!!

Jodi said...

And she loves her Aunt Kimmy! That is one of her favorite songs to sing. In gymnastics, whenever someone mentions the pulley, it reminds her of the word Holy and she loudly sings "Holy, Holy, Holy!"

Laura said...

Hooray for music! I love that she already sees the holy in the mundane. I can attest to her musical apptitude. Can't wait to see what all she does with it.