Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day Of School


Well, I dropped her off at school.  She woke up very excited about going to school.  When we got there, it was a bit chaotic and her normal teacher wasn’t there and they had a sub.  The only person that she knew was the speech teacher from her testing.  I could tell she started feeling a bit uneasy.  Then, she started crying and when I told her bye-bye, she really started crying.  The speech teacher invited her to sit down and play Candyland and she seemed okay with that.  That is when I snuck out the back door. . .I just feel awful for leaving her. . .she seemed so young compared to the other kids who carried their own backpacks in and knew where to sit, etc.  I worry about her and wonder what she is doing right now.  This will be a long three hours!

**It seems that she had a great first day of school.  When I ask her about her day, the only thing I get from her is that she ate pudding.  So, it must have been good pudding. :)  I went a little early to pick her up and her class was out playing  on the playground.  So, I parked and secretly watched Olivia play for awhile.  She was having a blast and it did my heart good.  Since we’ve been home, all of her cars have driven to school and all of her stuffed animals have gone to school.  So, I can only imagine that she had a good time.  Whew. . .what a relief.


AWilder8509 said...

:-( I cant imagine how hard that is. I cant even leave Ayden at his grandma's house without calling every hour or so. Let us know how she likes it when she gets home!

Jamie said...

Glad it went well. Lindy has her first day tomorrow and Will has his first day Thursday. I'm almost 100% positive both will be crying when I leave. I'm sure they'll get over it quickly but it'll still be hard to leave them!

Mary said...

Olivia is growing up so fast! I am so glad she really enjoyed her first day. It will be essier for you, too. What a social butterfly she has become. G-ma