Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 Year Checkup

Olivia had her 3 year checkup today.  She cried the entire time.  By now I’ve realized that anytime Olivia goes to a doctor’s office or anything resembling a doctor’s office. . .she’s going to cry.  She is fine in waiting rooms, but the second they call us back she starts crying.  Boy, does it take a lot out of me (and her too, I’m sure.) Tomorrow, we have her first dentist appointment.  I finally got her into a highly recommended pediatric dentist in town.  They had not been accepting any new patients and told me to call back the first of September.  So, I called today and was thrilled to be able to get Olivia in.  They could see her tomorrow or in December. . .so, I chose tomorrow.  Lucky Olivia. . .back to back visits to doctor and dentist. . .being 3 years old is tough.  : ) Please please pray that she does okay at the dentist.  I just want at least one place that can be positive for Olivia.  I try so hard to make everything a positive experience for Olivia and almost every time I fail miserably.  She is just so apprehensive about anyone messing with her in any way.  After a rough day. . .Olivia was thrilled to watch her new Dora movies that Aunt Kimmy got her.  She LOVED them!

Anyway, despite my best efforts of putting her in jeans to “bulk” her up. . .her weight is still < 1%  She is still pretty tall considering her weight.  But, the doctor isn’t concerned about her weight gain because she is staying on her own curve, so I’m not going to be concerned anymore.  (Easier said than done, I suppose.)  She definitely has come a long way from 1 lb 1.5 oz and 11.5 inches long.  Here are her 3 year stats:

24 lbs 6 oz        < 1%

34.8 inches         7.3%

Head 47 cm        15%



I think her own happiness is the most important. It would be pretty boring if we were all the same! So glad she loved pre-school! Good luck with the dentist:)

Melissa said...

I understand how you're feeling about wanting at least something to be a positive experience for Olivia. My daughter was born premature at 28 weeks--with everything she went through she too was terrified of going to a dr.'s office. I tried everything from telling her we'd go get a special treat after the appt. to going to the bookstore beforehand and picking out a book to read while we were there...anything to try and get through an appt without tears. I did find the one thing that helped a little bit was my neighbor had a little girl that was a year older and the girls loved playing together every chance they got. Her mom suggested next time they go with us. I called and asked them for her next appt if it would be alright that they came along. They said it was fine. Like you, sitting in the waiting room Ash was fine, call her back and the tears start, doesn't help when there's a waiting room full of people staring at you like you're some evil mom. Having Lindsey and her mom go with us that day--they had Lindsey get on the scales first to weigh in and Dr. McDaniel would look in Lindsey's ears first and so on trying to show Ash that it was okay that some not all dr.'s visits will hurt. While the visit wasn't completely tear free it was definitely better than other visits. We did that quite some time.

I remember the days of trying to "bulk" Ash up also for the weigh in. LOL Everything I heard was she's not eating enough, gotta get more calories in her, for me while I was literally obsessed with getting what I could in to her each day--those were the worst days and its like she knew it and would barely eat. Its so hard you want to do what's best for them but at the same time the stress can be so overwhelming. Even now I do still worry some--but as moms we always will. She will be 15 next month and is a freshman this year--I'm beginning to think she's always going to be a "string bean". lol

I do hope her dentist appt goes well next week.