Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Year In Review

Some people had trouble viewing the video on YouTube, so I reposted it here. Enjoy!


B, E and C's Mommy said...

Happy birhday to both of your little miracle babies! Bennett is celebrating with Logan on his special day I am sure. :)
You are in my thoughts and prayers today, Jodi. I know how difficult this day is for will be here in four months for me.
Happy happy 3rd birthday, Olivia and Logan!!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Olivia. Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow.

Mary said...

Hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are sweet! Love you bunches--G-ma

Kim said...

Thanks for reposting! It's amazing to see how much difference a year makes. Happy birthday Olivia and Logan! We're looking forward to celebrating tomorrow too!

Stacie said...

You did a great job.

Madison and I watched this video at least three times. She was excited to see, owibia. :)

Happy Birthday Olivia! Happy Birthday Logan!

Amanda said...

Wow. I took notes while watching the video to tell you what I liked the most :) The one with the sideways pick hat is a classic. I've always liked that one. But the one of her and Ryan looking at each other with the biggest smiles.. and the one of you and her looking at each other on the swings is my other favs :) Is her smile not contagious!? She is precious! Happy 3rd Birthday Olivia! THIRD! That's crazy! :)

Amanda said...

PINK hat, not pick hat.. lol :)

Shea said...

that was beautiful! And such a treat for everyone! There wasn't a picture that didn't make me smile! Your daughter is such a fighter and these pictures reminded me of how far she has progressed! She looks amazing!
Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your miracle with me, I feel so blessed to know you.