Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010 - Update

Autumn spent the day at the vet’s office.  She hasn’t been well for almost a month.  Autumn has bronchial asthma. . .more severe than we first thought.  Usually a steroid shot is enough to clear symptoms for at least 4-6 weeks.  The shot seemed to lessen the severity of it, but she is still having bronchial spasms, which sound like a sneeze/cough.  She is now on terbutaline in hopes to reduce inflammation of her bronchial tube.  Her problems seem to be seasonal as she had problems last fall as well.  Next fall, if we see a similar recurrence, Autumn will need to be on an inhaler.   That should be interesting.  :)  I wonder if my fall candles bother her as well. . .I know they bother some people with asthma.  Autumn is truly an amazing cat and companion and I’d pretty much do anything to help her.  Tobey on the other hand. . .just kidding.  :)  Tobey is a very sweet kitty, but he’s a handful.  He is ALL kitten and ALL boy.  LOL.  We are really having to “train” him, whereas Autumn just never did any ornery things.   

Other than that. . .not too much to talk about.  I’m grateful that it’s not Olivia dealing with asthma. . .what a scary thing! 


Stand still, Tobey, I want to take your picture.


Amanda said...

Poor kitty :( that stinks! But yes, thank God it's the cat that has asthma and not Olivia :) that's still just amazing. How in the world would you give a cat an inhaler?! Lol. Hard enough to get a human to do those things. "breathe out, and then breathe it all in. Ok Autumn? Go..." ;) Seriously though, hope she gets to feeling better. I know she's your favorite kitty :)

Don, Shelley and Izzy said...

Don't forget what smelly things do to me now!! I really miss my candles but everytime I light one I get bad. Just a thought. Never know. Poor girl, I am sorry she is not better!