Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - Update


This little rascal gave me a run for my money today.  She always does things when she is ready. . .not exactly in the correct order.  For example, I always tell people that she learned to walk before she could stand.  Well, now we are experiencing a lot of the things that I thought we “skipped,” like the terrible twos, for instance.  Just recently she has been able to open doors, unscrew lids, use her step stool to reach just about anything and jump from high heights. . . all of which open up new possibilities.  She has also somehow decided that it is now okay to color on the walls with crayon.  Needless to say, she was in time out twice today.  For the past year, we have had no problem getting her to stay in her toddler bed.  She couldn’t open doors, so what was the point of getting up, right?  Well, tonight. . .she got up five times before she finally went to sleep.

1st time:  She needed her rubber ducky from her bath to sleep with.

2nd time: She needed her musical caboose to sleep with.  (Yes, she sleeps with her Thomas trains.  LOL.)

3rd time: She heard a scary noise.

4th time:  Her blanket was being scary.  I could barely keep a straight face with this one.

5th time:  She had to go potty (but, she’d already gone in her diaper.  We spent 4+ hours just sitting on the potty today.) 

Five times she was up and she is usually a dream to put to bed.  Days like this you just have to laugh it off, pray tomorrow is better and hope your husband will make it home from work before midnight.


stacy said...

3 has been much harder for us than 2 was...but from what I hear from lots of Conner's full term, typical kids, is that terrible 2's are nothing compared to 3's. So it's not just Olivia, I promise! I thought the same thing about Conner. We made it through 2 so easily...not the case any more!!

meredith said...

I have the same problem with my daughter and she's 11 :)

Holli Taylor said...

Hey Jodi...I screwed up my blog settings again and all my sidebar stuff is at the bottom. How do you fix this?

angie c said...

Ah yes, the terrible twos. Hannah is sweetness and light and giggles one minute, and in a full blown fit the next. It's exhausting. And she's so PARTICULAR which sets her off. "I want goldfish!" okay, get the goldfish. "NOT THAT BOWL!!!" "I WANT IT IN A BAG!" "NOT THAT BAG!" and then all hell breaks loose! :)

On the room thing, I've heard many many a parent say they put the doorknob child proof thing on the inside doorknob so the kid can't get out. If they get out of their bed and stand there and throw a fit, that's their problem not yours. They'll tire of that game soon enough and go back to bed. And if they fall asleep on the floor by the door a night or two, hey that's their problem not yours. So says many a parents.... just telling you solutions I've heard. Don't let her be in charge, you've got to remind her who's boss! Love and Logic often says 'that's their problem, not yours'

Good luck!

Angela said...

LOL! I love that her
blanket was scary"!

I heard a saying once, "The days are long, but the years are short." So true!

bglunt said...

She could be like her dad and have a turtle in her bed. :)

Amanda said...

Dude. I'm totally with ya. Lol. With Jake we thought he skipped the terribleness too :) but it was terrible threes not twos. Same with Nate. Terrible threes! :) coloring on the walls?! Lol. Olivia, Olivia. Haha. You know those magic erasers will get basically anything off though. Maybe she'd enjoy cleaning it off :) lol. Sorry I haven't written you! I have been potty training Nathan all week, weaning Ben, and we all have snot/coughs... So! Hope all is well otherwise. Now, I'm going to go comment on your "cat posts" bc of our "inside joke" about comments on them. Lolol. Have a great weekend my friend!! :)