Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas


We woke up this morning around 8:15 am (our usual time) and found that Santa had visited our house last night!


I think Olivia would have been content with just the items in her stocking.  She was in no rush to open presents.  In fact, it took us 3 hours to get all of them open.


She opened each one and wanted to play with it.  So, it was a very laid back, enjoyable morning in our house as we casually opened and enjoyed each present. 




And, we had to stop for a chocolate milk break.



By the end of the morning, however, even the cats were exhausted.


And so was one certain little girl.  She laid down for about 2 minutes and then she was ready to play again.  LOL.


One of her favorites was the art easel that she got.  She has already made some great masterpieces.

Around 1 pm, we headed over to my parents for a turkey dinner. 


Here is Olivia enjoying her present from her Great Great Aunt Mary.


Olivia and Great Great Aunt Mary


Olivia and Grandma Sailing

I wish I could say the rest of the day went great, but this afternoon we got a call that my grandpa was being taken to the hospital.  His blood sugar was high, his blood pressure was low and he had a 104 temp.  He is currently resting in the hospital with possible dehydration and an infection.  Please say a little prayer for him. . .that’s just not a call that you want to receive any day. . .especially on Christmas. 


But, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Anonymous said...

How is your Grandpa doing? I will keep him and your family in my thoughts!

Shea said...

I am so glad to hear that Olivia had such a wonderful Christmas! She looks amazing and your family pictures are beautiful. I hope your grandpa is feeling better. And the top of your blog, I don't know what it's called, is fantastic! I love it! And I love your family, I think of you all often and always keep you in all of my prayers! Have a wonderful New Year with your family.

Amanda said...

Love the pic of her pooped out on the but, the picture at the end of the whole family is great! Everyone is "real" smiling.. Olivia looks great! The lighting :) Yay for a good family pic I always say! You had no snow I see in the background? We've had snow for weeks!.. it finally melted yesterday... you guys end up having it on Christmas? Oh, and I know.. Nate would have been happy with just his stocking too!.. Let's see.. $300 in presents, amd the most excited award would go for the M&M's in the stocking. 50 cents. lol.. go figure...