Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I’ve learned a lot about potty training in the last two days.  What has surprised me the most is the amount of bonding that takes place between the two of you.  Maybe it’s because your entire schedule is blocked off and it’s just the two of you focused on each other.  What an amazing two days it has been!  We even snuggled up on the couch and took a nap.  For those of you who know Olivia. . .you know that she’s not always a snuggler so it will be a very cherished memory.  We’ve had some successes (dry diapers overnight and during nap, pee pee  in the potty) and some setbacks, but I’m trying to make it a pleasant experience for both of us.  Some might think Olivia is certainly old enough, but they don’t understand that developmentally, she’s still a bit behind.  She struggles with the fine motor skills that would allow her to dress and undress by herself.   She still does not have all the readiness signs of potty training. . .even though her age would suggest otherwise.  But, she’s doing a fabulous job and I’m super proud of her.   I don’t believe in forcing a child to be potty trained whenever society says they should be ready, but when they are truly ready.  As a mother, I’m taking her cues and responding to them the best I can.  She’s always done everything on her own timetable, after all.   Great job today, Olivia!  Mommy and daddy are so proud!


Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

All you can do is try, right? Glad you are having some bonding time. The beginning part is the most stressful! With Ella, once it clicked, it seriously just clicked and she had it. No more accidents. IT will happen. Good luck to both of you!

Stacie said...

Good for you Jodi!

I love that you are using this time to create memories with Olivia.

She'll have it all figured out before you know it. In the meantime, it sounds like she's well on her way. All in good time. :)

Amy said...

Wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May God Bless you all!