Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well, I’m finally feeling better after an awful head cold.  I still don’t know how many boxes of Kleenexes I’ve gone through.  Thank you to Grandma Mary for watching Olivia so I could rest up.  Let’s see. . .what else has been going on.  We got our new dining room set on Friday and I’m in love.  I’m excited to post some before and after pics, but I think I’ll wait until we get our new flooring in.  That should be some time by the end of the month.

Today, we had a ham dinner over at my parents’ house.  It was supposed to be our New Year’s Day meal, but so many things prevented it from happening until now.  It was delicious!  Olivia loves playing piano at both sets of grandparents and did just that today with Grandpa Sailing.  Grandpa kept telling her it was a Yamaha and then he’d ask her what it was.  She could never remember.  Then, as we were getting her to bed tonight, out of the blue she said, “Grandpa has a Yamaha!”  It was too cute.  We made the mistake of leaving her “banklet” over there today and she was beside herself.  So, grandma and grandpa were kind enough to bring it over to her.  She sleeps with about a million things (and takes inventory of it all each night) but she cannot be without her two Gogums, her Lily and her banklet.  She is now sleeping soundly. LOL. 

And, here are some pics totally unrelated to anything that I just talked about. . .




Kerry said...

Glad you're feeling better! Sorry I've been pretty much MIA lately. I'm still here, just being my normal odd antisocial fall-off-the-map occasionally self. I've still got Turbo Jam to give you to let you try and I have Olivia's Christmas present still! We'll have to get together soon. Miss you!

Kim said...

Glad you're starting to feel a little better. It's never fun to be a sick momma.

I enjoyed my conversation with Olivia the other day on the phone. Of course she started looking for me IN the phone after I started talking. Too cute! I miss her to pieces.

Grandparents ROCK!! I can't tell you how many times they've saved the day and bought things to our house at late hours of the evening. Aidan won't sleep with out his puppy, and Kaleb won't sleep without his animals B (blanket). Funny how names for those darn blankets stick!

Can't wait to see your new dining room furniture! I'm sure it's awesome. I LOVE getting new furniture. We're seriously thinking about buying all new living room furniture. I'm have a hard time justifying it since ours is like new, and since we just spent a fortune on furniture for Alex's room. But furniture...right?! lol!

Let me know when you're feeling good again, and we'll try to Skype. Kaleb needs an Olivia fix.

Faizah said...

hi there, i chanced upon your blog from another preemie blog. my daughter is a preemie too, 26 weeker. hoping to make more preemie friends around the world :)

Kim said...

Sorry to hear that you and Ryan are both sick now. We did enjoy talking to Olivia via Skype last night. She kept asking us to come over, and it just broke my heart that we couldn't. The kids were very excited to talk to her. Hope you both start feeling better soon!