Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wednesday, January 11, 2011

Since my cousins were in town for my grandpa’s funeral, we all got together on Sunday.  All of us were there minus my cousin David.  Here are our attempts at a group picture.


Take One. . .pretty good although Gus wanted in the picture.  I think Izzy took the picture.  She’s a pretty good photographer!


Take Two. . .thought Olivia might want in the picture. . .guess not.


Take Three. . .Best of the bunch and it came back blurry.


Take Four. . .We decided to have the picture taken on my grandparent’s old barstools.  Izzy and Olivia looked so cute sitting in them and then Olivia decided to jump out at the last minute.


Take Five. . .Olivia still didn’t want her picture taken and Abbey decided to reach up and lick Jeff’s ear.  Eh. . it’ll have to do.

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