Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

All three of Olivia’s babies are sick.  As you can tell, they all needed their own bottles of “Tylenol.”  Poor things. 


Now I’m getting a sore throat.  I may be in the same boat as they are come tomorrow. . .with my Tylenol in tow.  But, we’re supposed to get some snow, so it might be a good day to just stay in our pajamas.  It was an exhausting weekend.

My grandpa’s service was beautiful.  My dad played the piano and sang a song that he had written quite a few years ago.  My uncle, dad and cousin spoke and did an amazing job of expressing who my grandpa was.  Some of the things I didn’t even know. . .like, how much he volunteered for United Way or how he wrote down the dates of the pastor’s sermons in his bible.  It makes me wish that I had gotten to know him a bit better in my adult life.  There are so many things I did know, but never really talked to him about.  For example. . .his 46 years at Beech Aircraft as an aeronautical engineer, his service in World War II and the loss of his infant son.  He wore many hats, but I always just saw him as “grandpa.”  I wish I had spent more time getting to know him as a person.  He truly was amazing and will be so very missed. 

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