Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day!

Olivia and I took advantage of all this snow and went outside to play in it.  We walked out the front steps and the snow was almost up to Olivia’s waist!  We got a lot of snow. . .over a foot in some places!  Olivia had a blast, even though she wanted to play in it a lot longer. 





Afterwards, she took a nice, hot bath.  Now, we just need to make some hot chocolate!  Hmm. . I wonder if I have any. . .


Amanda said...

Look how big she is in her sled compared to last year! She's growing up ;) I've Ben reading all your posts, just havent stopped to comment. I still can't believe you had to do the heimlich! (sp?) that is stinking scary! That's one of the number one choking foods for kids. However, we never followed the rule, and Jake literally eats popcorn every night since he was two! But Nate and Ben haven't yet. They actually say something crazy, like, "no popcorn till age 10? Or something like that..." lol. Like I'm gonna tell Jake, "you can have popcorn whn your 10" haha. Glad you got it up! I bet she was scared too :( we haven't had snow lately, just iiiiiice!! Like crazy ice!! I can't wait till spring!! :) if you send me a shirt... Make it a large. I will pay you for it :)

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