Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

My daughter recently started showing an interest in soccer, so today we went to pick out her own soccer ball. She’s actually a really good little soccer player. I find this particularly amazing since just last year she was shown to have quite a delay in her “ball handling skills.” She’s come a long way. 

photo (31)

We made a makeshift goal in our backyard and practiced. 

photo (32)

She shoots!

photo (33)

She scores!  Now, we just have to make it to one of cousin Izzy’s soccer games!

photo (34)

After we were done playing outside, I came upstairs to find this:

photo (35)

Guess we won’t be leaving the screen door open anymore.  If there is something to be tried. . .Kelsey is the one to do it.  Crazy kitty. 


Kim said...

Yay Olivia!! Katie was 4 when she started playingRFID the rec. I loved going to all of her soccer games when she was little, although I have to admit that I prefer softball. Olivia would be great at softball too. She definitely has an arm on her, and she's accurate to boot. Teach her to catch, and she'd be ready to play! In fact, I've got a little pink batting helmet that I'd paint for you if you want it. :-)

Kim said...

How my phone gets RFID out of for, I will never know!

Jodi said...

I thought it was just some special abbreviation in the "soccer" world. Ha! Like AYSO? There's maybe an RFID? :)

Don Sailing said...

That was what I thought also!! haha! Way to go Olivia. You and Izzy will have to play tomorrow. I have cones in the back yard if you guys remember and Izzy's ball is in the back of my car! I remember coming home and catching Abbey hanging on my screen door. She would be stuck. I would have to help her down. Crazy cat! I was mean and took care of that =)

Amanda said...

I don't know what you guys are laughing about... We have RFID soccer associations in Ohio all over the place! ;)

Alicia said...

Future soccer star!

Cat hanging on the screen....reminds me of when mine was a kitten and I would have to rescue her off the lace curtains in the middle of the night. She would never climb them during the day and would do fine until she got to the top and then didn't know what to do from there!