Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Logan William

Tomorrow, September 28th, marks four years since we lost our son, Logan.  Four years and it’s still tough.  With my new job and Olivia sick. . .I tried to fit in time to make a slideshow as I do most years.  I came upon a heartwrenching fact. . .I only have a limited amount of pictures of Logan. . .only a month’s worth, in fact.  I can’t do slideshows every year because I feel like I’m just putting the same pictures to a different song.  It only reminds me that the memories and pictures that I have of Logan are few.  And that’s not fair.  He was my son and I should have a lifetime of memories and pictures of him.  I miss him so much. . . I still do.  Every day. 


I love you, Logan.


You can watch last year’s slideshow, here:



Anonymous said...

Oh Jodi! This post brought tears to my eyes. Prayers are with you!

Stacie said...

Sending love and hugs to you, Ryan and Olivia.

I pray that today and everyday you feel God's love wrapped around you. Logan is always near and someday, you will be reunited with your perfect son.

Love you.