Sunday, September 18, 2011

My silly cat, Tobey

photo (23)

Can I get a little push?


Who let the cat outta the bag?

Tobey always keeps us laughing.  He always has to be in the middle of everything.  I don’t know how many times a day I hear, “Mom!  Tobey’s bothering me!”  He just likes to play with all the same toys as Olivia.  Our house wouldn’t be the same without him


Kerry said...

Sheesh, I've been trying to leave a comment for a long time, but for some reason it wouldn't take my password.

Your kitties are very lucky and spoiled, just like all of my rescued pets. Animals rule!

Well, at this point I don't remember what I really wanted to comment I guess I'll just say hello and goodnight!

Kim said...

We've been laughing at Alli and Noodle. Noodle has finally decided to get along with Alli. However, I don't think he's a huge fan of Alli's natural border collie herding instinct. She herds the cat all over the yard, or even into the yard when the cat decides to actually leave the backyard. Of course she tries to herd Kaleb too. Too funny!

They've also been like children fighting over a dog bed that's on the patio. Alli doesn't sleep out there, but she likes to rest after she plays. I bought a second bed that's exactly the same, and now they fight over who gets the new one!