Thursday, November 3, 2011

Olivia’s Surgery

Thankfully, Olivia’s surgery is over with.  I’ve been dreading its inevitability for 4 years!  Olivia was a little apprehensive about having surgery, but once she discovered the playroom, her fears were calmed somewhat. 

photo (28)

She was thrilled to have her own little bed that she could ride down the hall in!

photo (30)

Plus her own hat, an anesthesia mask that she got to decorate with stickers AND movies on a portable DVD player.  Yes!

photo (31)

So, that’s pretty much where the fun ended.  The surgery itself went fine.  We warned them that she wakes up very combative from anesthesia.  This is very unlike her mama whose been known to wake up singing.  I don’t know why the parents can’t be in there BEFORE she wakes up instead of being called in there after she’s awake and screaming with 5 nurses holding her down.  They kept commenting about how strong she was.  Yep, my girl is a fighter through and through. 

photo (32)

Then, her iv infiltrated and blew out her vein and the fluids were going into her tissue.  This caused a very swollen, very red, very painful hand!  No wonder she was screaming!

photo (33)

Luckily, her vital signs were good and we were able to go home pretty quickly.  Olivia quickly got to work playing “hospital” with all of her animals.  Minnie Mouse even needed a bandage on her neck just like her. 

photo (34)

We even had to put wheels (aka sliders) on her crib so that she could rush her friends to the OR. 

photo (35)

Soon after, however, she threw up and now has to go on a 24 hour clear fluids diet.  I’m assuming it’s from the anesthesia?  Yeah, I haven’t told her yet that she can’t have chocolate milk.  That is like telling a fish that they can’t have water.  She is now taking a much needed nap with daddy and I’m hoping everything is back to normal quickly.

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Kerry said...

So glad that's over! But, sheesh that poor arm. Glad she didn't have to go to the ER. I hope she's better today!