Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Year 2011

I thought I would post my favorite pictures from each month of 2011.

IMG_2292 (2)

January – Playing the piano with Grandpa Sailing

IMG_2748 (2)

February – In Arkansas visiting family.


March – All pretty after a hair cut.


April- Warming up with cousin Izzy at the March for Babies.


May – Adorable in her jacket and hat.

IMGP8269 (2)

June- Having a ball in Izzy’s pool.


July – Taking a break from the fourth of July festivities.


August- Sending a balloon to her brother Logan on their birthday.

photo (54)

September- All dolled up and ready to go.


October- Admiring her costume.


November- All Smiles

IMGP9258 - Copy - Copy

December- Loving Santa this year!

This past week, out of the blue, Olivia has started talking about wanting a baby sister.  She has never shown any desire before now.  It breaks my heart because this month the baby that I miscarried would have been due.  And Olivia would have been sooo ready to be a big sister. . .just in time for her sibling to be born.  We just don’t know what the future holds.  In life, we rarely get exactly what we ask for.  I prayed for God to bless me with just one child. .. I never asked for more than that.  Just so I could be called “mom.”  And I gave birth to two babies.  And I get to raise the most amazing, miraculous daughter.  It’s not that I don’t long to have more children. . .I do, but it’s out of my control.  And my heart is content with what I have. 


Amanda said...

Awww... I love the timeline of pictures. I know it has to be hard hearing her say that when the other baby was due this month.. And I'm so sorry. She is so precious, and you are blessed to have her as your daughter. And she is blessed to have you as her mom :) Who knows what God has in store for you guys! Could be a baby..never know! :) our music ministers girls started secretly praying their mom (who was 40) (and they were 13 and 16!) would have a baby. The parents had NO idea their girls were praying for that.. And yup, you guessed it! They had a baby! He's 4 now..lol.. Kids prayers are so meaningful and honest. They pray knowing God will hear their voice! That little Olivia may just pray herself a sister or brother ;) and if not, I know you know you are blessed to have her.. And Logan. Just last night ben was reading the truck book that was meant for Logan. He loves it.. And I never forget its "Logan's book" :) love you!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you this month- love Amanda's story about kids' prayers! So true, they are powerful.