Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Lost Broom

Sometime around Christmas, I lost my favorite broom along with the dustpan.  It was just a little hand broom with a dust pan and I never realized how much I used it until it was gone.  After preaching to Olivia about the importance of keeping track of your stuff, I go and lose a broom.  I have no idea what happened to it.  I figure that someone broke into our house, bypassed the tvs and computers and went straight for the broom.  They must have realized how awesome it was.  Yes, that must be it because the chance that it got thrown away with the Christmas trash just doesn’t seem very plausible.  LOL!  So, after a broomless month, I tried to find my exact broom on Amazon and ordered it.  It came last week and sadly, it’s not the same.  They must have cheapened it because, like most brooms, I’m back to chasing that little line of dust that doesn’t seem to get swept up.  But, it will have to do and I’ll always wonder what happened to my broom.


Anonymous said...

I know the kind you are talking about. I have one too. I got mine at Target and it works really well. It is a whitish/clear color and the handle of the broom which smaps together with the dustpan is a light green, and so is the edge of the dustpan where you sweep the dirt into it.

Amanda said...

I feel the same way about my pampered chef scraper...Spatula.. Whatever you call it. I know it was used as a drum stick on the couch at one time.. And I've never found it. Lol. It may show up! Never know! :)