Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I thought of making a candelit dinner for Ryan, but it wouldn’t quite have the same romantic feel with a 4 year old.  So, Olivia and I decided to put up streamers and blow up some balloons.  I even helped Olivia make daddy a cute handprint valentine. 

photo (46)

I did also make him his favorite dinner. . . .

photo (43)

and Olivia and I wrote down all the reasons that we love him.

photo (45)

Here are some of Olivia’s. 

*I love daddy because he gets me donuts.

*I love to watch Spiderman with daddy.

*I love daddy because he makes me lots of things.

*I love daddy because he plays Squinkies.  LOL!

photo (47)

Happy Valentines Day!

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