Thursday, February 16, 2012


Around our house, we have Squinkies growing out of our ears!  Olivia got some last year in her Easter basket and has been mesmerized with them since.  Her very favorite one is her beloved Peacock (actually I think it’s a blue parakeet, but Olivia insists it is indeed a peacock.) Every time you see her, chances are, Peacock is tucked safely in her hands.  She even sleeps with it every night clutched in her fist.  (Until she wakes up at 3 am crying for Peacock and I’m in her room with a flashlight and hula hoop trying to retrieve it from under her bed.)

photo (49)

Anyway, a few months ago, we misplaced Peacock and after a few weeks of hearing Olivia pine over it, we figured out what series it came in and got her a new Peacock. We thought she’d be happy, but she told us it was NOT Peacock. It didn’t have big eyes, she said. I argued that it was exactly the same as her Peacock, but she consistently told me it was not. One happy day, Olivia found her old Peacock and was overjoyed!! And. . .come to find out. . .she was right.    

photo (50)

They are not the same because her peacock has bigger eyes. That’ll teach me not to argue with her. LOL! Notice that Peacock’s wings have both fallen off and it’s no longer shiny. But, to Olivia it is the most special toy in the world!

photo (43)

Olivia and her Peacock


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness. I loved this post! I could totally see you using a hula hoop to get under the bed and find it in the middle of the night! Hahaha. I can so relate! With bens pacis, and he crie at 4 am, and they are under the crib... And so.. 1/2 asleep I'm pulling his bed (with him in it) away from the wall like superman and crawling on the floor to get them. Lol. Too funny! And yes. Olivia would totally know those were not the same ;) I learned that with jake early on too. We tried to give him a blanket that was like the one he lost.. And.. He knew. How are they so observant?! Shes adorable.. I loved this post. Too funny. Oh! And that's a lot of stinkin squinkies!

Alicia said...

Love that you argued with her and she ended up being right :) Had to laugh thinking of you using a hula hoop to get it out from under the bed in the middle of the night! Today Kylie and I were playing ball and the ball went under her dresser, she grabbed a clothes hanger and started trying to get it out with the hanger, then handed me the hanger and pointed for me to do it :)

Kim said...

I thought of Olivia yesterday when we saw 3 peacocks and a peahen at Garvan Gardens. One of the males was sure strutting his stuff. I'll have to send Olivia a picture.

May said...

how adorable... she is such a smart beautiful and super sharp doll!!!! God bless her xxx